Soul University

Soul University

Soul University is a transformational Shamanic style 4-month program designed to assist you to step into your spiritual power and discover the parts of your soul ready to SHINE.

You will be gifted the energetic transmissions (rites) of the Munay Ki. The Munay Ki are the rites of the Shaman’s path of the Q’ero nation, the descendants of the Inca, the indigenous people of the holy mountains of the Andes in Peru.

These rites change the vibration of your energy field and assist you in coming into alignment with your soul’s purpose.

To maintain intimacy and connection, 10 souls only will be accepted into this program 

What you can expect?

  • The program is run over 4 months

  • Face to face full day participation on the last Sunday of each month (9am – 4pm)

  • Group coaching calls once a month

  • 7 archetype meditations recorded by Michelle Anne

  • Course material in hard copy format

  • Your own personal “pi stone” (to assist in the transferring of the rites and of which you will be presented with at the end of the program)

  • The ability to pass these rites onto other people (pending soul work and the feeding/germinating of the energetic seeds that have been received)

  • Fortnightly group coaching with T2S Extended Family for duration of the course

  • Access to Diane McKendrick Mastermind for duration of the course

Sunday Sessions will include

  • Receiving the rites of the Munay Ki

  • Group healings

  • Cacao, connection and sharing circles

  • Deep transformative work

  • Community contributed lunch

  • Payment Plans

    Payment plans $3300 ($750 admin fee)

    $1350 a month over 3 months 

    $675 a month over 6 months 

    $450 a month over 9 months 

    $337.50 a month over 6 months 

    To discuss options and set up recurring payments. Book a free 15 min Connection Call