Soul School - Payment Plan - Bring a Friend

Soul School - Payment Plan - Bring a Friend

Spend 4 weeks with myself and a beautiful group of other lost souls and reconnect back in with yourself.

What you can expect?

  • Connection and support

  • Daily content

  • Weekly calls with me and the team

  • Tools and strategies to get you back on track

  • Challenges and homework to keep you aligned

  • Information on intuition, energy, connection work and lots of other "woo woo" things to help you on your way

    Price Options
    10 weeks
    $53.00every week for 10 weeks
    15 weeks
    $35.50every week for 15 weeks
    20 weeks
    $26.50every week for 20 weeks
    3 Months
    $177.00every month for 3 months
    6 Months
    $89.00every month for 6 months