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Everyone's soul needs a big warm cuddle. That's me - I will warm it up with energy healings, cards and most importantly a big smile and an open heart x


Set aside one hour for yourself to receive an intuitive energy healing.

Healing sessions include sound healing, essential oils, energy work and one or two cards to assist in direction.



Card Reading sessions include intuitive guidance, coaching on life direction and exercises to take home.



Come and learn how I have completely changed my life from one of overwhelm and unease to that of grace, flow and alignment.

Connect with Cacao

Event Details:

Date: 04 MARCH 2022
Time: 7:30 PM (Brisbane)
Location: 10 Allen Close Forest Lake, 4078

Calling all beautiful souls who would like to be held and nurtured, to feel the love, to connect with like-minded people, to let go of the negatives and shower love and light.

Join me to this monthly journey of cacao circle 

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I had the most amazing healing with Michelle Anne earlier today. 

I can’t explain some of the things that took place in the healing but it was amazing and something I will never forget. 

I would highly recommend Michelle as a healer, she is absolutely the real deal. I can’t wait to go back and see what next time brings.

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I had the most wonderful session with Michelle last week 🌸💕 she did warn me that it would like nothing I’d experienced before, and she was right! It was like having my cards read while being hugged by someone who really wanted to heal you. A number of things came through that resonated with me, things that Michelle couldn’t have known. When Michelle asked how I felt afterwards all I could say was that I felt lighter, calmer and more relaxed. The oils she chose were spot on and I’ll definitely be back!  Thanks Michelle 



Had a life changing healing with Michelle Anne. Able to release an old programming of "not being worthy of love" to stepping into "worthy of love". Felt so safe and supported. Thank you so so much you are truly gifted!! xo



Today was my first EVER healing session. I went in with ZERO expectations and no idea what I was in for.... & WOW! I can't explain the feelings, emotions, and movement my body went through during the healing. The messages that came through my energy have really helped me gain better insight into the things I need to self improve on and definitely explain a lot. 
What an absolute amazingly INCREDIBLE experience!!! Thank you Michelle Anne

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